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The Eve of Christmas Eve Run



Running in Northern Nevada, in the winter is very interesting.  The photo was taken during a break in a winter storm passing through our area.  I had already decided that I would log in some mileage and deciding when to do so can be tricky this time of year.  Not only are we planning the holidays, squeezing in shopping, and going through the day to day stuff, I need to decide when to get my “run” on.

I began running consistently in the beginning of 2012.  I made a promise to myself that part of the evolution process from recreational runner to an athletic runner was to move the running from inside on a treadmill to the great outdoors.  This is challenging as you may know because the weather does not always cooperate with our intentions.  The weather here in Northern Nevada changes frequently.  Throughout one day, all seasons could be experienced.  Now you might be ready with a response like…”Maybe so but not in the summer”.  I have lived here for over 20 years and can tell you that I have seen it snow in July!  As a matter of fact, it did snow on the 4th of July one year.  No joke.  Waiting for the fireworks show, it began to flurry.

Another weather ‘personality’ here includes strong winds.  VERY strong winds.  Steady winds coming from the West/Southwest can average 10-20mph with gusts hitting 40+mph.  That is just in the valley and foothills.  At peak spots in the Sierras, an easy 100+mph gust possible.

Running outdoors can be interesting to say the least.  As I write this blog today, we have experienced rain, sleet, snow, wind, and icy roads.  So what’s a runner to do?  Go outside for a RUN!!

I am part of a running team, DuReno, and one of our sponsors, Reno Running Company, hosts a Sunday morning 8am run for anyone willing to run at all levels and a variety of mileage.  It is a great opportunity to meet vendors and people in the community that share the same interests.  Also, the snacks and beverages after a nice group run is awesome!

Today was a brisk morning with temperatures at 32*  (with a feels like 18*) and winds at 15 mph with max speed of 46mph.  Sounds like a great day to run, right?  Several of my teammates showed up and we had a blast.  I pre-fueled with a nice hot cup of coffee and a Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar.

Running up a steady incline as the gusts of wind offering a nice resistance


Along our way, we had a cheering section


Actually, I think they wonder what the heck we are doing out there running.

I truly enjoy running outdoors.  Weather is no obstacle.  I look forward to more winter runs and great adventures.

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