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My gift to me!


Happy Holidays!! Today was an incredible day.  I was up at 3:30 a.m. this morning getting ready to head on down into town (south end, approx 25 miles from my house) for team practice.  My team has practice 3 days a week with a morning session and an evening session.  Today, they started at 6 a.m. for spinning and then 7:00 a.m. for running.  I usually do not attend the morning sessions due to my work schedule.  This morning I was excited to join the group for the first session.  I decided to join in on the running session.  Bundled up, ready to go, I slide under the partially closed garage door and greeted my team.  I’d say at least 10 of them were on their bikes spinning away while a few of us were standing around getting ready for the morning run.  Man, they really do a great workout!!

Unfortunately, due to the amount of precipitation (snow & rain) and below freezing temps at night, a nice layer of ice covered all possible surfaces to run on.  I’m pretty sure my coach was not pleased to be outplayed by nature; however, we all took the opportunity to wear our newly arrived team jacket and sweats. We were disappointed that we could not run outside this morning. Many tested the surfaces and quickly discovered how slick it really was.  So what are we to do at this point?  We decided to stand around, chat, sip coffee, and nibble on sweets.  Christmas Eve!  Aaahh.

Leaving this morning practice left me completely amped up! I was ready to hit the stores for a final shopping sprint.  I was able knock out some serious shopping in under 2 hours with energy to spare.  Got some good gifts and surprises.  So what did I get for myself??  I’m glad you remembered…

Since I was not able to log on the mileage this morning, I decided I would do so in the afternoon.   The sun was shinning and the temps not so bad.  I mean there was no wind really, ok around 4mph, highs around 37*.  Perfect time to hit the pavement.  So I laced up, stretched, and headed out the door with my favorite running partner…my husband. Today I was going to go the distance.  Seriously, I wanted to run longer than I have before. And you know what?  I DID!!

I logged 8.11 miles.  This is monumental for me on a few levels.  My longest run to date, prior to today, was 6.2 miles and that was recently accomplished within the past 2 weeks.  It is not like I have been pumping out that ‘long’ run for a while.  So today was freakishly fantastic!!

I couldn’t believe it.  I did it.  I made the distance.  Then it really came to realization that not more than 6 months ago, I could not even run/walk a 5K (3.1 miles) without taking rest breaks.  I was running high throttle and could not even run non-stop for a short distance.

My gift?  My gift to me this Christmas Eve 2012 was the gift of great satisfaction in conquering a running milestone.

The day may have started with some challenges; however, those challenges did not dictate how the day would go.  When we are faced with such challenges that appear to block us from reaching our goal, we must make a decision.  Will we allow the challenge to rule the day or will we overcome the challenge and accomplish what we set out to do?  The choice is yours.

Happy Holidays and hope you and yours are having a warm, fun, and safe holiday!!


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