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Christmas Day 2012


Christmas day 2012 in the Jones house was fantastic.  We have a tradition in our small little family that focuses on a “no stress” attitude.  We shop for our loved ones with purpose; but, we do not shop with anxiety.  It is known that gifts are easily exchanged or returned if needed. We also like to shop and leave some items on the list.  Why? Well, it is just as fun shopping after Christmas as it is to sit and wrap and open the gifts.  It is another chance for us to have some family quality time.  No stress…just lots of fun.

After our gift exchange, we sat around, rested for a bit and watched a little bit of television.  I looked up the weather forecast for the day.  Weather forecast websites/apps on smartphones is this runner’s best friend! I try to plan out when the best time of the day to get in that run.  For Christmas 2012, it was around noon.  A break in the storm predicted.  Sold.  I would run in the snow flurries, rain, or whatever but if given a choice, um, I would choose that lull in between precipitation waves.  So how did it work out for me? The weather was as good as it could be…

The next wave is approaching.

The next wave is approaching.

I stopped to take a shot of the patterns in the clouds.  They are my focal point when I run.  I like to soak up the details in the scenery when I run.  This is true even on my DuReno E-Team winter evening practice runs. There is always some light that shines down and accentuates the mountains, rocks, and even the pavement becomes a work of art.

The roads were in better condition than most days this week.  Nice and plowed and enough room on the side for a runner to grab on and pound out the strides.  Here are some more lovely pics…

It's always great to have "room" to run...

It’s always great to have “room” to run…

Traffic was intermittent and I even had a few *wave* to me very nicely.  Good holiday spirit.  Some were texting while driving or talking on the cell phone while driving and those drivers I am very scared of.  I can see them swerving close to the line.  Don’t worry, I always identify my “way out” if needed.  It is part of my soaking up the scenery.

Representing team jacket while on my run...

Representing team jacket while on my run…

Isn’t running fashionable?? Not exactly a glamour shot but I do have a lot of fun out there!

I was able to accomplish a nice 6.37 miles (yes, I count the change in the miles too :)) Nice and easy in a low heart rate zone (so low I had to check my watch a few times).  It is getting much easier to accomplish the mileage.  Next post I will share a bit of where I came from in the running world to where I am today.  I have faced obstacles and doubt, but I pushed through with the focus and determination as well as support from my family, friends, and running team family.

Now, get out there and do something fun and active! Enjoy your day…



  1. kerniec says:

    Great Christmas story. I am trying to work out my problems and log your miles!

    • Thank you! You are doing awesome yourself. You have overcome many challenges recently and I’ve seen you grow stronger and stronger. Keep up the great job my friend!

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