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A Week and Year in Review



This week has been an incredible week for me so I thought I’d share my accomplishments and thoughts.  A week in review.  Then it dawned on me that that since I am reviewing the week, why not the time I have not been blogging…oh sure, why not the entire year of 2012.  But first let me review this week.

The temperature and weather have been interesting and challenging.  As I have mentioned, I really do not like cold weather.  Therefore by default, I really do not like snow.  This week has provided both.  Yes, I know it’s winter and all and who doesn’t want a “white Christmas”.  Well, not me.  I think snow should be appreciated in pictures and on television.  Oh well, it’s part of life here in northern Nevada.  So what is this passionate runner who loves to run outside supposed to do with such obstacles?  Run of course!! Let me just say that last year, I would never run outside.  Only in the gym.  I do not have anything really against treadmills, they serve a purpose but I made a point in the beginning of the year that I would run more outside than in.   So my promise or challenge for 2012 was to take the stride outside.  I never realized where that would take me.

My running coach set a minimum of 40 miles but up to 50 was good.  What?? The most I have ever run in a week is around 30 and that was a challenge.  So now, add temperatures in the single digits and highs reaching up to 32*, add some wind (never really light winds here either), some snow storms, icy roads, and unpaved roads/sidewalks and I say “challenge accepted“!!!



My mileage goals were met for this week.  Total miles for the week – 41.25.  These miles were earned when there were many valid reasons to not go outside and run.  Also, these miles were earned exclusively outside, not on a treadmill, outside in all of nature’s glory.  It would be very easy to waive off some run days due to the weather but you know what, feels good to push through and do it.  So that’s my week in review.  🙂

What about all of 2012?  I do not believe in resolutions so I didn’t make any.  I will not make any for 2013.  I just believe in living life and enjoying what I do.  If I see something that interests me…well, worth a try.  So I tried a few things in 2012.  I learned how to run outdoors.  A bit different than indoor running but put on the list and accomplished.  I also decided I wanted to learn how to ride a motorcycle.  Took classes and received my endorsement! Rode as much as I could over the summer months.  Traveled to a few cities for quick get-aways.  Completed my graduate program and received my MBA and moved closer to getting my business up and running.  Yes, 2012 was an adventure filled year with ups, downs, and all arounds. What will 2013 bring? I do not know but I am ready to make it exciting and adventurous!

Happy New Year!



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