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Over 30 hours since my last run! What??


I’ve been fighting a cold since last Wednesday to be honest.  We were traveling down to family for Thanksgiving and that’s when the sinus headache and tingly throat thing started.  I just brushed it off as change in temps…but on Sunday, I reached to scratch my neck and felt those lovely swollen glands.  I didn’t even know they were there.

Took my rest day on Monday and then planned my training week out.  Woke up Tuesday with the NyQuil fog and still glands are noticeable.  Feeling groggy, I texted my coach to tell him I was not going to make morning practice but I will still get my mileage in.  Grabbed my gear for Tuesday’s arctic run (Remember the highs are in the 20’s and low’s in single digits this week) and headed off to work.

Geared up for my lunch run which was AWESOME!!  Put in a respectable lunch time run and then got back to work.  Plugging away I get a response back from my coach that advised me to take a rest day. Ooops.  A bit late.  Now I’m confused.  I’m feeling ‘ok’ but now conflicted.  Do I listen to my coach and take the rest day or do I push through.

Now there are so many opinions of whether one should train while sick.  I’ve heard it’s ok as long as it’s not in your chest or if you have a fever.  I have continued training during sinus infections and such.  Got the mileage in.  Did it make a difference though?? I don’t know really.  They were sloppy hard runs.  But here’s what I do know…I personally trust my coach and as tough as it was to let go of my plans for the training week and surrender to the cooties I did what he said.  I took the evening as a rest day.  I also took today off as well.  Sometimes you need to just trust the process and allow things to fall into place.

Also, I have learned the hard way “if it doesn’t work the first time…try doing what your coach says”.  It works.

What’s another day of rest right?

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