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It ain’t for the queasy!


This whole triathlon training.  Hell, training for a marathon isn’t a breeze either! Training takes focus, dedication, commitment, and balance.  Oh yes, and you tend to use a lot of muscles, do a lot of stretching, and eat all day (so it seems).  Training is intense.  I made a conscious choice to put my body, heart, and soul into my training for 2014.  However, I find that the one thing I do not allow myself sometimes is flexibility.  Not the kind that yoga or pilates can offer.  Although that couldn’t hurt either at this point but how would I fit it into my schedule…sorry, I digress.  Anyways, flexibility is something that helps bring balance to my schedule, family, and life.


Last training week I put on my base mileage and went to a few practices but I also missed a few mornings and didn’t go for the team run which was supposed to be a long run.  With the gentle nudge and suggestion of my husband (who is also on the team and training for his first marathon at Napa with me…yay!!) we decided to waive off the morning session but to do our mileage later on in the day…a couples run.  Now first let me say that I know there are those who cannot run with their significant other; however, I can! I absolutely love running with my husband and we have the most awesome time.  Yes we are competitive with each other (that’s a whole other blog post right there) but we also run in harmony, smoothly, and no need for conversation…just running.

We have different schedules and do not see each other much throughout the work week.  Time together is sparse. I decided to be a bit more flexible and allow the morning training to pass and spend time with the hubby.  After Christmas shopping and some errands, we returned home to lace up.  We did log our mileage later in the afternoon.  On a side note: If you ever want to really test your commitment and focus to your training, postpone your morning run until the late afternoon and see how you really feel about lacing up and pounding the pavement or trail…in the winter…cold…getting dark mid run…now THAT’s dedication!! We logged 10 miles finishing off an awesome training week!

Logging miles together...

Logging miles together…

We just have a blast together! What can we say?

So training is intense but as you can see, I am enjoying every step of this process.  Now I better stop blogging to go pack my training gear for tomorrow.  

How do you handle your training schedule? Do you allow flexibility?


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