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Over 30 hours since my last run! What??

I’ve been fighting a cold since last Wednesday to be honest.  We were traveling down to family for Thanksgiving and that’s when the sinus headache and tingly throat thing started.  I just brushed it off as change in temps…but on Sunday, I reached to scratch my neck and felt those lovely swollen glands.  I didn’t even know they were there.

Took my rest day on Monday and then planned my training week out.  Woke up Tuesday with the NyQuil fog and still glands are noticeable.  Feeling groggy, I texted my coach to tell him I was not going to make morning practice but I will still get my mileage in.  Grabbed my gear for Tuesday’s arctic run (Remember the highs are in the 20’s and low’s in single digits this week) and headed off to work.

Geared up for my lunch run which was AWESOME!!  Put in a respectable lunch time run and then got back to work.  Plugging away I get a response back from my coach that advised me to take a rest day. Ooops.  A bit late.  Now I’m confused.  I’m feeling ‘ok’ but now conflicted.  Do I listen to my coach and take the rest day or do I push through.

Now there are so many opinions of whether one should train while sick.  I’ve heard it’s ok as long as it’s not in your chest or if you have a fever.  I have continued training during sinus infections and such.  Got the mileage in.  Did it make a difference though?? I don’t know really.  They were sloppy hard runs.  But here’s what I do know…I personally trust my coach and as tough as it was to let go of my plans for the training week and surrender to the cooties I did what he said.  I took the evening as a rest day.  I also took today off as well.  Sometimes you need to just trust the process and allow things to fall into place.

Also, I have learned the hard way “if it doesn’t work the first time…try doing what your coach says”.  It works.

What’s another day of rest right?


Well what do you know, winter is coming!

I am a huge G.O.T. fan…so I couldn’t help the reference because today, in my town, winter made an appearance! I knew that coming back from sunny San Francisco over the holiday weekend would be a fading memory as a cold front and storm was getting ready to move through the area.  As a runner, I have learned to prep for my upcoming training week on Sunday.  I do my grocery shopping, errands, prep meals, and get all laundry done so that I can pack my luggage (at least it feels that way) for the days ahead.  I have also learned to check the weather.  As a good little runner girl, I did just that and this is what I saw:

Notice the highs and lows. BBbbrrr

Notice the highs and lows. BBbbrrr

So what does one do with that kind of information in advance?  Do you hunker down and hibernate for the week? Do you make those dreaded plans with the dreadmill to run those miles?  Do you “taper” just to practice tapering for a future future race?  Nope, you layer up buttercup and go for a run of course!  I did just that!!

Getting it done!

Snow was deep enough to provide a nice resistance during the run! What a workout...

Snow was deep enough to provide a nice resistance during the run! What a workout…

It actually wasn’t that bad.  Yes cold, yes snowy, but not too bad for a run.  And I have to mention this…motorists…we know when you purposefully hit those spots to spit snow and debris on us!! I was pelted twice on the run…I saw you do it.  Didn’t stop me though.  Still got my mileage in.

What are your “show-stoppers”??  How do you cope with winter and getting your mileage in?


So it’s a new beginning

The beginning of a new training week…

We are all getting back into the swing of having a nice holiday weekend!  I hope that all of you enjoyed great times, company, and food over the holiday and traveled safe back and forth.  I normally do not like to travel at all over the holidays. Period! That is because people are crazy!! I don’t like the traffic, the crowds, and stress that goes along with this time of year.  With that said, my family and I just enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend away from home.  We live in Northern Nevada where it is nice and crisp this time of year.  The storms can brush on through but lately it’s been pretty calm.  We decided to spend Thanksgiving with family in the Bay area in California.  In suburbia outside of San Francisco, we enjoyed good times, family and food.  Oh yes, and of course a good run!!

Any opportunity for a selfie on a beautiful run!

Any opportunity for a selfie on a beautiful run!

Going for a run with the hubby on a "rough" trail.  Uneven pavement is more like it.

Going for a run with the hubby on a “rough” trail. Uneven pavement is more like it!

With 7 miles under our belt in 70’s degree weather, I’d say we earned every kibble of that Thanksgiving dinner!!

After Thanksgiving we decided to spend Black Friday doing what any sane runner would do when in San Francisco…run the Golden Gate Bridge!

Such a neat view looking up and seeing that!

Such a neat view looking up and seeing that!


Just a couple of runners hanging out on a beautiful day in SF!


Watch your speed…don’t want to run too fast!

So it’s back to home we travel and guess what?  The weather this week will be in the highs 30 and lows…wait for it…wait for it…pick any single digit from zero up to 9 degrees.  Yah, I want to go back to sunny and warm please!

How did you spend your holiday weekend?  Did you do a Turkey Trot Race?  Or couch surf?

Here’s to a great training week ahead!


So I suck at this…

Blogging that is.  I am so shy…ok, not really.  I couldn’t even keep a straight face while typing that line.  But seriously, blogging is work and with all that has been happening over the past 11 months I’m seriously lacking in the blogging department.  I follow many bloggers and admire their ability to balance life and blogging.  They are rock stars in my book!  It’s all about balance, right?

Balancing life

Balancing life

So a quick recap of the year:

I ran 3 half marathons and 2- 5K’s.  My half marathons were in April, June, and October (was originally in September but due to the huge fire in Yosemite we were socked in with smoke).  I had the best time on the first 21k and then the other 2 were right around the same time within minutes. But no PR.  I am so ok with that, really.  This year was a learning year.  And boy have I learned a lot!!

I also left my long time career in state service of 20 years to private sector employment.  Talk about a change! I accepted a job that would allow me to start exercising a bit more of my education and skill set.  I now am engaged emotionally, mentally, and physically in my new career path.  Onward and upward to opening up my own business.

I have expanded into the world of TRIATHLONS!! yes, you read that right.  I have evolved from a runner to triathlete.

I have filled up 2014 with an amazing schedule of races.  I will work my way up from mini-triathlon distance to Ironman in September 2014.  With the support of my coach and endurance running team, I can only succeed at these goals!

Training as you can imagine has ramped up and to be honest it can feel like a 2nd job putting in all the training and hours.  But I LOVE it! So it is one of the reasons why I have put off blogging but seriously there is so much to share now right? So I will try to achieve balance in adding the blogging back in because this journey is one that I is fun to share!

Dream big!

Dream big!

With my BIG dream ahead of me in 2014, I invite you to be part of my journey evolving into more than what I ever thought I could be.  Just as a reminder, this was me 4 years ago in 2009:


This is me 2013:

Enjoying Life!

Enjoying Life!

Remember….ANYTHING is possible when YOU set YOUR mind, heart and energy into it!! What are your goals? Are you dreaming big? You know you can do it right?